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Do you desire to celebrate an event but do not know where to? There is an idea that can be practical for you. We have decided to make historical places points of celebration for your events. We have had experiences of people with a passion for historic properties who desire to hold events in such places. We renovate and lease historical structures for various communal or private events. We encourage people to hold private and public events in our historical buildings as they provide a special feeling and a sense of belonging.

We have maintained historical grandeur on our buildings even though we have renovated them to accommodate modern events. All the properties have Wi-Fi and a source of power to offer you an opportunity of being comfortable during your events. We have ensured our premises have enough and safe parking space with additional services such as car wash, fueling and even pressure gauge services

We have made our property self-contained and safe with enough lighting and provision of accommodation, boardrooms, and conferencing services. We ensure your day and event run smoothly by giving you the best services and all that you require. Our aim is to ensure that your events are memorable and enjoyable. The properties have been secured well with well-built walls and a number of security guards placed at every corner to guarantee you safe celebrations. We have liaised with the government to ensure our services are subsidized for all our clients’ sake. Our rates are charged hourly as we host hundreds of clients with various events such as plays, dramas, and songs that nurture and promote our culture.

We have taken heed of the various recommendations given by our clients to have shops within our premises that sell lots of goodies and even drinks that they may need mid-events. This has been done to ensure historical objects are obtained and even other things that our clients may require to make their stay at our premises more comfortable. We are trying to offer value for our clients’ investment by striving to improve services every day.

We provide tour guides for our guests to take rounds and see the monuments showing them the various places and what they mean to our history and culture. The whole place has been decorated with various sculptures and flowers to ensure that your stay at our premises is meaningful and memorable. Our website has displayed more pictures of the various parts of our properties. This will enable you to learn more about us and even know when and what event you can host at our premises. If you are a lover of history and historical issues and stories, we are your definite destination. We are what we are because of your revenue and hence give us more so that we can be able to preserve our culture. You can easily access our properties because they are close to urban centers. We are your destination for events

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