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A Few Tips To Keep In Mind When Healing From Gum Grafting Surgery

Gum grafting surgery involves getting inner tissues in your mouth removed so they can cover your gums that have for quite some time been exposed. You may have the roots of your teeth being left exposed if these gums are left open for a long time. With time, you may find that if you have such exposed gums with no surgery, you could be looking at imminent tooth decay and eventually end up losing your teeth. For this reason, once you have had good reason to, and additionally already gone through the surgery, the activities that follow with your healing are very important. So, what are these activities that you must observe in your healing process?

You need to take great care when it comes to medication. As soon as you have undergone surgery, you must look to being very vigilant with taking the medicine that the doctor has prescribed to you. Usually, gum grafting surgery goes with antibiotics after the surgery. Therefore, ensure you take the tablets as prescribed by the doctor. Be sure to identify the dosage prescriptions and if you are not sure about them, confirm with your doctor and allow him to explain to you. One needs to be very careful when identifying dosage.

One needs to additionally avoid cold and hot foods. The mouth is essentially very sensitive and it grows even more once you have been through surgery. Therefore, ensure that you avoid such foods. Hot and cold foods may additionally cause you to have swellings in the mouth. So, make sure that the foods you take are essentially neutral with the temperatures so that you do not end up feeling uncomfortable. By doing this, you will be able to fully heal without any agonizing issues.

The next factor to observe is that you need to go on a liquid diet at first before slowly graduating to soft foods. The reason for this is because you do not want to feel uncomfortable when foods of a scratchy texture are nearing your healing areas. This may eventually give you trouble when eating. You need to then identify with foods of a lesser texture such as soups and stews. If you manage to feel better, adjust your body to take soft material such as mashed potatoes, eggs and avocadoes. Be sure to also avoid foods that are spicy so that you don’t end up feeling irritated in your gums as they heal. You may be inclined to do this for around one week so that you can heal in a healthy way.

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